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Protect your business from liability and create an inclusive online experience for all users with our expert ADA & WCAG compliance services.

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White-glove compliance services

From diagnosis to implementation, our WCAG & ADA experts will ensure your business has an inclusive and compliant online experience

Accessibility Audit

SmartComply AI

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WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance

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Our Mission

Bringing Internet accessibility to all

The world lives online. We run our businesses, connect with loved ones, and stay up to date with culture on the web. But for over 20% of Internet users, disabilities make it hard to share the same experience. Compliance Generals is on a mission to change this.

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Internet Users

That face challenges while using the web due to various disabilities

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Years Experience

Our team have over 20 years combined experience in accessibility consulting.

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The #1 Trusted Compliance Service

Affordable Price

We offer a variety of plans to provide liability protection at the most competitive market rates

Larger User Base

By ensuring your website is compliant, you are able to serve significantly more customers worldwide

Rapid Turnaround

Within 2 days, we complete the Accessibility Audit and begin implementing compliance measures


What Our Clients are Saying About Us


100+ happy clients

Jamie Doehr
Jamie Doehr

Marketing Manager

We realized that to raise our brand awareness and target more potential customers, it was essential to be fully WCAG/ADA compliant. Compliance Generals helped us with this and we immediately saw an increase in signups!

Ana Jimenez
Ana Jimenez

VP of Sales

After working with Compliance Generals, we were able to confidently sell our services knowing we were fully compliant to accessibility standards!

Meghan Watts
Meghan Watts


Compliance Generals was instrumental in uncovering non-compliant elements on our website and training our team on compliance SOPs moving forward.

John Clancy
John Clancy

Product Manager

We were concerned with the recent increase in accessibility lawsuits that we've seen. Compliance Generals solved this problem in a timely and professional manner.

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Making the Internet more inclusive for all.



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